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Robert Talks UFO cases - Dyatlov Pass Incident 1959 (Aliens, Yeti NEW INFO! ) - OT Chan Live#183
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Published 2 months ago |

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#UFOS #ALIENS #DyatlovPassIncident #NUKES #encounters

Guest Robert talks about Solid Credible UFO Cases


[00:00:00] (0) Intro

[00:06:00] (1) Dyatlov Pass Incident 1959 Story so far with

range of explanations will cover. Bigfoot Yeti UFO Coverup Aliens


[00:16:00] (2) Maps of the area and trek drawings

[00:28:00] (3) Next Article of facts - theories how they died

[00:45:00] (4) Russian Weapons Test? Hypersonic Craft or Nuclear

powered craft

[00:46:00] (5) New TV show with Josh Gates finds new evidence

of Russian gov cover up.

[00:46:56] (6) Aliens theory

[00:50:00] (7) 3min clip from a TV docu Russian Yeti... found to be a mocko fake

acting story so not good evidence for Yeti attack

[01:12:00] (7b) Note with Cover Up - Paul shows a snap of Rus Document

from Government from Josh's Investigation thats date 10 days before

they sent before to search. The gov knew they were dead.

[01:28:00] (8) gulag Prison theory (but debunk on recent docu Paul talks about)

[01:29:00] (9) Paul goes over images and snaps from TV show - what are they moon

stars explosion clouds with ice damage and over exposure

[01:35:00] (10) Paul tried to process the images to see if can improve

is it nature or military or UFO?

[01:50:30] (11) Remote Viewing clip for the location from farsight org

who said they saw a craft being tested with new type of engine

using nuke power

[02:23:00] (12) Paul looks at area from google maps satellite

[02:27:00] (13) New Article of the victims

[02:33:44] (14) Russian Astronaut Yuri UFO connection

[02:36:20] (15) Paul shows a secret Rus Gov document again to see

if its the same name on Yuri Connection Documentary from the

TV show Destination Unknown where Josh is shown the document which

proves the gov knew of the dead hikers 10 days before the search

expedition went looking!

[02:46:00] (16) Other news of Bodies found dead in same location

[03:00:00] (17) The Case Re-opened News.

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