Bioweapons: Defending The West from Covert Weapons #5GW
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If it isn’t obvious yet, we’re being attacked with unconventional, asymmetric weapons of war. Proving this undeclared war is the US health insurance policy changes for 2024 and Google’s “sensitive events” policy, as mentioned in my recent video, “Foreseen Unforeseen Sensitive Events- Insured, Assured, or Not?”. This topic is also covered in “Biological Warfare, Psychological Warfare and #Solutions! “, and “Confessions of an Environmental Hitman”. What do we do when medical insurance says we’re victims of undeclared war and our treatments are not covered by policy? What do we do when the medics we depend on are compromised by profit motives? Instead of “Western Medicine”, I use “Pest Control” and am very experienced at that. This video shows examples of parasites in common foods, either by accident or intent, they’re there. I have #Solutions for you, my friend. First, eat natural foods and not products. Supplement the diet with antioxidants- one of my favorites is MORINGA, a tree whose leaves are pound-for-pound top dawg. I grow my own, and also buy supplements for #SuperSmoothies when, like now, it’s winter and my trees are kinda sad having to live indoors. Another #BePrepared, not scared! #Solution is to have backup anti-parasitic infection meds on-hand, in case of emergency.

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