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Communist Chinese COSCO Speeding Coronara Virus To Your Area?!!
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Watchmen Incorporated
Published 5 months ago |
Communist Chinese COSCO Speeding Coronara Virus Through Your Area? 1000's of COSCO train and semi containers pass through all 50 states and Canada daily! The deadly virus was developed in Canada and weaponized in China then shipped to the U.S. through the Long Beach Calif port. Be aware of why the Congressional "Task Force on Terror" issued a warning on COSCO! NOTE: If the Real Quarantine for Coronara Virus in Virginia precedes the Political Quarantine of Martial Law, the Richmond Communists in state govt. conquer the state: Both Real Quarantine and Political Quarantine have the same Martial Law effect. This is why Virginia Patriots MUST take back their capital before either occurs...

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