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Published 2 years ago |
The Melbourne Magistrates' Court seem to have tried their hardest to screw it all up. Not sending me any information. No emails, no nothing, zilch, nada, nix.

I had previously through my own research, discovered and used the internet to find their website and then to find that a day or two ago they had changed the original time from 9.30am to 11am without informing me!.

There's an old trick I had heard in my travels in Law, of making a hearing time later, then changing to earlier so you don't roll up and then saying as a consequence, you're guilty.

The MMC internet site also clearly said it was a physical hearing and that I had to be physically present at the MMC in Williams Street, Melbourne.

Anyway I arrived at 9am just in case, and then was told that I didn't need to attend and they were going to do it over the internet !!!

This is after they advertised on the internet site that I had to roll up for a physical court session !! OMG !

Anyway Our Lord has advised me to be 'Meek', ie. gentle, so I went along with all their idiotic antics.

We had to rush home and get a computer, and because supporters of our Cause were already in Melbourne City to attend the hearing at the MMC, I decided to go to the Park Hyatt Melbourne for the internet hookup (gotta do things in style, what?)

All technology worked and at about 11.50 my internet based session came up. The Magistrate was great. A kind gentle old bloke. He didn't even ask me if I was guilty or not guilty which is what they apparently do in a 'Mention'.

The Police Prosecutors appeared in absolute disarray. The poor fellow who appeared to be a 'Man in Blue', had just received the case an hour before and he knew nothing.

The dear old Magistrate asked me if I wanted to say anything and I fired off the first two barrels.

'Your Honour I have raised a Constitutional defence to the charges.'
'Thus Your Honour this Court is now under Federal Jurisdiction and I have lodged a Section 40 application with the High Court of Australia, which is my right under the Constitution and under the Judiciary Act 1903 (Cth), to REMOVE part of this proceeding, the questions of law to the High Court of Australia for adjudication.'

Thank God the Magistrate listened to my argument and set a date February 17 to discuss jurisdiction.

I then asked to address the Prosecution. The Magistrate allowed this, so I let loose with the other two barrels:

I require you (the Prosecution) to produce NOW a certified copy or the original bio security control order under the Federal Biosecurity Act 2015 that has been issued against me.

Your Honour is the burden of proof upon the prosecution or the Court today?

The Prosecutor appeared to have no idea what I was talking about and of course there is no evidence because there is no control order and the Prosecution have blatantly broken the Federal Biosecurity Act 2015 - Quarantine law.

'In that case your honour I demand that the court dismiss this matter and these charges immediately for lack of jurisdiction.'

The Magistrate didn't respond, either because he didn't understand my argument or was too focused on the jurisdictional issue.

So it ended with us to meet once again on Februrary 17 to discuss jurisdiction.

This is exactly what we want and we will remove all the questions of Law to the High Court of Australia and blow this whole lump of rubbish out of Australia together with the utterly corrupt politicians supporting it.

Hope you've all had time to look at our case C1/2021. You can download it from

Do you know Scumo has spent 3.2 BILLION dollars of YOUR taxpayers funds with his evil Big Pharma cronies on the total BS mRNA experimental medical procedure they're trying to call a vaccine. They want to give this poison to all healthy Australians.

Shocking Criminals.

The US CDC reports that over 500 Americans have already died from this injection of poison. Harvard University have proved that the CDC only reports less than 1% of vaccine injuries, ie

Thus it is quite possible that 50,000 Americans have died already and most probably 100,000's have received adverse reactions. It's global insanity.

Anyway, we're onto it big time. We're going to stop this insanity in Australia.

Wake Up Australia !

History will tell the story.

May Almighty God and Our Lord Jesus Christ be With us.

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