Depression Getting the Best of You? Get Some Tips to Heal Naturally
4 views • 05/18/2020
I have been talking about the causes of depression and particularly suicide a lot lately and feel moved to keep this conversation open. What really strikes me about depression is that it really touches people from every background and life circumstance. Many of us may feel bogged down by financial worries and career disappointments but it also touches people who appeared to have the world at their feet.

Even though we have all been taught that the causes of depression are complex, it doesn’t hurt to have a reminder of just how complex the causes of this issue are and all the different chemicals and brain functions at play.

One such consideration is one that isn’t as commonly spoken about…

The average American takes three prescribed medications every day. Some people take more (and some less) but my point is that it’s not possible for drug companies to test every single combination of drugs – it would be impossible. They do the best they can but when you begin combining multiple medications together, it’s anyone’s guess as to what the outcome may be. Many medications on their own have indications for depression as a side effect, so we can begin to see what has the potential of happening when you combine a few of these together.

I go more in-depth into these side-effects and other triggers to look out for, to help you avoid some of the lesser-known catalysts of depression. Watch video now & learn more in this article:
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