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Agenda 2030 status report - Georgia Guidestones progress report - YOU ARE HERE
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Bitterroot Bugler
Published 8 months ago |
USofA's millions of gun owners stand in the way of The New World Order / One-world government. The socialist utopia being pushed by the election fraudsters is the direction they want to take us, but they cannot get from here to there with the current administration and the HUGE RESISTANCE it would face.

Even the casinos in Las Vegas are not paying off presidential election bets until March 5th. I don't think it is over. They don't think it is over. I see martial law on the horizon. Having the Trump marionette on center stage is the only way to get the majority of gun owners to stand down while the Agenda is implemented. One world government. One world controlled digital currency. 97% fewer humans. Controlled, corralled population.

The Georgia Guidestones tell us where they want to take this. Use your own powers of observation, logic and reason to figure out how they plan to get us from here to there.
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