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Published 2 months ago |
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While the world focuses on more political theater, getting their jollies from the volley of hate they can spew at their ideological opponents, we take a detour to showcase some of the better things humanity is working on. We take the time in this particular episode to highlight some of the beneficial parts of society, like Renewable Energy and pulling energy from space. These are the types of achievements that inspire greatness within humanity.

After tasting the renaissance, we fling ourselves back into our present day where we see children being coerced into losing their innocence. As guardians for those who cannot defend themselves, we fail whenever any perversions corrupt their purity. This, and the deliberate biological and psychological destruction are the crux of what’s happening to this generation and more.

We close out the transmission covering the recent eruption at White Mountain Volcano in New Zealand as well as the missing Chilean military plane that was headed towards Antarctica. This transmission may not be information packed, but the topics brought forward ask the curious question of where we truly are towards the end of the year. If perception is reality, surely, we can alter our outcomes by adjusting our focus.

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