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Pluto - Saturn- Galactic Center Alignment Jan. 12, 2020
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Published 8 months ago |
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On Jan 12th 2020 at 11:58 a.m. EST
The Great Conjunction with Pluto, Saturn and the Galactic Center will be nothing ever witnessed in our recent history.

This 2 year conjunction will peak on Jan 12th with the Galactic Center / Milky Way or RIVER OF HEAVEN will maximize great Karmic and awakening Energies...

The driving force behind this is well known, but not well written. There are many different ancient to current names for this luminary.

Eris = Persephone = Madonna = Mictecacihuatl = Mama Karma = Many more.

You remember Claus-trum, a part of your brain?

I’m sure you recognize the first part. Claus. Persephone has been coming to town and made a list. She came into Aries Representing your Head and looked at your thoughts from June 1st - July 20th 2019. She is coming back on Jan 12th to start shaking things up for the Not Good and giving spiritual abundance to the Good.

Watch the video to learn the truth of where to look for the truth.

♫‘There is still time to change the road you’re on’♫

Peace, Love and Cheers.

Universal Key Part 1

Universal Key Part 2

Who is "Self"? You can only see Self in what is not Self

Ken Wheeler - Physics/Metaphysics
Santos Bonacci - Astrology
Doreen Virtue - Numerology
Matt Jerome - Color of Numbers
Time Nomad - Astrology App
DiversityJ - Photographer
Peter Lomas - Glyphs
Fesliyan Studios - Background Music
Pete Linforth - TheDigitalArtist - Picture of Man Looking at the River of Heaven
Many many more…..

If I've missed someone, please let me know, as I will be adding them as I think of them as well.

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