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This is the processing what i learn and face of its position from back in 2017 when I was first push to the woods to the point from the main trail to local wild trail, and expand into much bigger ways that change my life and thinking, cause me to use the way of its god of will answer to the actions that will based upon your doing, and that cause me to deprograming in my last videos to help you to become a free thinking and doing, by facing the dangers and the steps. from the woods i show it to you to a much bigger ones like catskills, NH white mountains, Quebec dangerous winter woods, Vermont green mountains, and the face of 2020 which is my biggest hikes of challenge and show the real information of choice. History and steps is the answer of learning and cause me to become an anarchist, means with no authority, and the state in a much bigger picture from the small little cubicle of slavery chain of mindset and spread the message to build more than just keeping being in the woods all day. And its cause by the actions of doing than to listen someone opinions of lies that waste, and the years from 2017 to 2020 is a beginning experience of my life, cant wait for the chaos that the state destroy anything with their peak of its stupidity if people don't realize what I said but beings a ignorance of sheep, that not insult its a facts that governments and state got away with murder on 100 millions of people in the last century and before by follow order and counting to cause more harm today.
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