Episode 346: The Tree Hugging Capitalist - Truth Not Hegemonic Domination of Humanity
0 view • 04/30/2022
Full Description at: https://bit.ly/3MJ9Nqa

A couple of weeks ago I was talking with the founder of the Tree Hugging Capitalist about the purposeful destruction of our food supply chain across these Untied States. Yes, the hair on the back of my neck stood straight out when I read about Union Pacific cutting back on shipping west coast fertilizer to the mid-west farmers (see here, here and here.) Not only that, grain shipments to cattle ranchers, hog farmers and poultry are being cut back on, all in the name of reducing carbon foot print. As in Old Europe, I spit on those ideas. Rail is the cleanest and most economical form of transporting large volumes of commodities. The lies are destroying our food supplies, even for the non-meat eaters.

Then on earth day some environmental religious zealot sets himself on fire on the steps of the US Supreme Court building. (see here, here and here) The world environmental / sustainability high-priests and scribes call him a martyr for the cause (see here, here.) Hmm, reminds me of the self-burnings during Viet Nam or opening the door to the evil of the Haitian human candles. The latter is the ultimate of the Biden.

I am introducing you to The Tree Hugging Capitalist who brings the reality in truth and factual understanding of stewardship back into cross-generational conversations and the board room.

Read the full blog at: https://bit.ly/3MJ9Nqa
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