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THE UNIVERSAL ANTIDOTE: Chlorine Dioxide - Medicine of the Future (2021)
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Molecular Medicines
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Published 3 years ago
This documentary outlines the use and research of Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) as a health treatment for an array of diseases and health threats over the past 40 years. It is SAFE when taken in correct doses, INEXPENSIVE, SIMPLER and More EFFECTIVE than conventional drugs. It is faster and stronger than pharmaseutical antibiotics and has successfully stoped covid-19 in tens of thousands of patients. It can be made and used in the home. It successfully TREATS VIRUSES, INFECTIONS, Many PARASITES and FUNGUS through the process of Oxydation, Oxygenation and Chloridation and leaves not residual toxic chemicals in the body. I personally can vouch that this substance is not "snake oil" because I have been using it for almost a year now. I know that the makers of this documentary are an honest and good people. I have a 2 degrees in Business Management and a Ph D and I predict that ClO2 will turn the medical business model upside down from its +$1.2 trillion revenue per year. ClO2 is the medicine of the future. (Conflict of Interest Disclaimer: I DO NOT sell ClO2 and I DO NOT PROFIT in any financial way from sharing this information. Medicine that is this good should be affordable or even free). If you were going to watch or share one single video about Chlorine Dioxide, this is the one. It is the best educational video on the topic of ClO2 and Healthcare that I have ever seen to date. It has saved lives and will continue to save lives better than any other medicinal substance known to man. THE TRUTH MUST BE TOLD! Brian Stone

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If you are interested in helping to make a subtitled copy in your own native language (outside of English and Spanish), please contact me at [email protected]. We are ready to spread the truth to all languages with your help.
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