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Live El Paso Shooting Updates - "Gang Related Terrorism" - KFOX14
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We Are All Alex Jones
Published 6 months ago |
Via KFOX14 livestream from 8/3/2019 in real time.

"This is a, a, large scale loss of life, that happened at the hands of, one or two shooters. And we have now new information, from El Paso Police, that spell out uh, we have more information in terms of the details, of, a better understanding that we're getting in terms of what happened. El Paso Police now saying that, this is, gang related terrorism. That's what they're classifying this and they have confirmed this. Gang related terrorism, um, we'll get more clarification on what that means, but we do know that they're saying it started in the parking lot of walmart, it continued inside walmart, then to sam's, and then inside of cielo vista mall. no deaths at the mall. And that it is no longer an active scene at the mall, in terms of the search for an active shooter. But, there is still one suspect, that they have not, apprehended."

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