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5 Virtual "Public Speaking" Personality Style
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Published 6 months ago |
These days, virtual speaking is the best way to increase your income and authority as a solopreneur, expert in your field, online marketer. But have you ever tried a virtual public speaking style that bombed? You might be going against your natural style.

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Whether you do webinars, Facebook lives, videos, or 1-to-1 strategy sessions, being authentic builds the ‘trust, know and like’ factor like nothing else. It’s literally 80% of your success. In this video you’ll discover your Virtual Public Speaking Personality Style, so you can be far more effective in what you say but also how you market yourself. Also, by exploring listener styles different from your own, you’ll find ways to convert up to 75% more of your listeners.


1. How to know if you're going against your natural communication and marketing style

2. Why your communication style and strategy is 80% of your business success.

3. How work WITH your natural style and convert up to 75% more of your listeners.



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