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Swedish Skies, Overnight Weather Manipulation, 19/09/2023, Result on grain crop.
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Swedish Skies
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Published 7 days ago

So this is now just after six am, 19/09/23. They gave us the usual heavy rains overnight. They pretty much always diminish or stop altogether when morning comes and what passes for Swedish “sunshine” occurs (pale white disc fronted by the usual mucky hazy halo). We get either the rains or heavy frosts overnight and this has occured since the end of June.

Sorry for the poor quality vid, I only have a very old videocam. But hopefully you can see how it has flattened my tiny patch of Barley, which has yet to ripen and now won't because, The Dimming of the Sun. That. And weather manipulation, also known as geoengineering. That.

For those thinking this is remotely normal weather, I could go out every. single. day and record the chemtrails, timelapse them and show you the thickening of the chemical aerosol sprays and the results. But I don't. Anyone looking at my vids can see for themselves Sweden isn't exempt from Globalist terraforming.

Each day I go out and this small patch of Barley is flattened and battered by the overnight rain. Should it try to right itself overday, the rains will simply do the same again. It has made it unharvestable, which I suspect is the is to be allowed to grow food in many parts of Europe.

In the Viking Age here they grew Barley, Oats and Rye.

Now think of my tiny Barley patch on a farm scale and then think of next year's food supply.

Thank you for watching my short videos. Please share if you want to (particularly with other Swedes, who seem to be oblivious to the skies above their smartphones...)

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