Marco Polo Founder Garrett Ziegler Joins David Freiheit on Viva Frei to Talk Hunter Biden's Laptop
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"We reached out to every single pimp, hooker, drug dealer, and business partner on Hunter Biden's laptop...

We put all of his emails and photos online... You have FARA violations, money laundering, sex trafficking, and conspiracy to commit bribery...

Not one email has proven to be false... We put all of the metadata out there... When you go through the emails, they clearly show how the Biden's were an agent for a foreign principal...

Hunter was on the hook for Joe Biden's living expenses... There was a joint bank account between Hunter Biden, Eric Schwerin, and Joe Biden... Emails prove it.

Joe isn't listed on official documents, but Hunter pays his living expenses, house payments, and everything else...

Hunter's business paid for Joe's second iPhone. His burner phone... That phone was exclusively for Hunter and Joe...

The Secret Service didn't harden the phone. It was a clear national security risk. It was probably bugged by multiple Five Eyes countries...

It's tax fraud because you got money going to Joe every single year without declaring it as a gift... It is FARA violations, and because it's FARA violations, it's money laundering.

Again, this is all laid out through emails, text messages, WhatsApp messages, pictures, screenshots, audio recordings, and videos... Joe Biden got the money through house payments and joint bank accounts...

Hunter blew through a million dollars on hookers and blow in 11 months. At the end of 2018, he asked Joe for a $75k wire so he could check into rehab. The very next day, he's wiring $10,000 to a Russian pimp...

We have 20 separate drug deals of crack cocaine with the U.S. President's son. We put the name and number of the drug dealer...

In certain cases, the drug dealer was prosecuted, and Hunter wasn't... This is the epitome of unequal application of the law."

The Democrats always say, "no one is above the law" when really the left is purposefully ignoring the vast majority of the 2,020 Citations that thoroughly document at least 459 fully documented crimes (140 alleged business-related crimes, 191 sex-related offenses and 128 drug-related crimes) implicating not just Hunter Biden, but the entire corrupted Biden Family & their Business Associates.

The FBI who has had the Biden Laptop since 2019 has actively covered it up and meddled in the 2020 elections by doing so so they could get their puppet usurper President In Name Only (PINO) Joe Biden in the White House. The corrupt DOJ has been in on the coverup since the beginning to do their part on orchestrating the 2020 coup d'état.


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