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The book of truth is the universal blueprint to which a prosperous society must be built upon. When truth is sacrificed so to is justice, so to is unity, and the ability to change minds through respectful conversation is lost as well. Taking into consideration that the human species evolves through the art of conversation when conversation is impeded, then as a civilization, we stagnate and if we're not moving forward then we're moving backward. There is nothing more destructive than the abandoning of truth. A person devoid of truth is an immoral person who then becomes capable of anything; from the most magnanimous displays of kindness to the most depraved vile acts imaginable. A person who abandons truth becomes unpredictable in that way. You don't know, on any given day, if you're going to face the angel or the demon. Their internal contradiction is in constant pull in different directions which is why these lost brothers and sisters are always mentally unstable, prone to aggression, and hedonistic. If you live your life in pursuit of truth then your aspirations are to be good in spite of the seed of evil that resides in all human souls. But if you live by “your own truth”, then your aspirations are to serve yourself and the whims of lust that change with the rising tide of gratification. There is no obligation for truth to entertain the ramblings of the lie. Evil will say, “if you are a good person then show me you are good and compromise.” This is the guile of evil in all its forms. Be wary, for to compromise with evil is to concede victory.



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