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Low Tox Living - July 2019
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Joanna Rusling
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Published 3 years ago
Low Tox Living
We are exposed to many toxins during our every day life, some we can't do much about, but we do have control over some of them. Come and learn how tips and tricks to help you reduce your toxic load.

Events like this one, when hosted by Joanna Rusling are filled with valuable tidbits of information you might not get anywhere else.

Joanna has an extensive background as a medical scientist, in diagnostic pathology and in medical microbiology research.

Joanna also has extensive experience with gut health through Biomedical research and Functional Nutrition with specialist diets, and has restored her family's health (and many other people's gut health) with nutrition and some of our fantastic dōTERRA Products.

Don't miss this opportunity to educate yourself and make informed decisions about your health.

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I'm a mum of three boys, and a former Medical Scientist and Medical Researcher. I've applied all my skills to heal my own chronic health issue, then my children's issues, and now I help others to heal from the inside out. I am a passionate Health and Transformation coach with a keen interest in Gut Health and I am also a dōTERRA Diamond Leader.


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What are our emotions for?
How can they be used to empower us through our daily life?
Did you know emotional intelligence is the most important indicator of a successful, happy life!
I love to teach people how to listen to their mind, body and soul in order to live their best life. Let's chat on on one or better yet let me host an Emotions class to empower yourself and others.

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