New Age or Spirituality?
19 views • 08/14/2022

Pearls of Wisdom

New Age or Spirituality?

In the videos “Pearls of Wisdom” Katharina is answering Questions from her students. Today with Suchada and Navasit

Inspired by the question from a viewer of my videos: “I have been feeling low this past couple of weeks and having a lot of pain struggling to keep myself in a higher vibration and feeling confused. I haven't felt like this in a long time I am getting out in nature and still meditating is there any advise you could give for me to shift out of this lower vibration”

1. Is the “New Age” really spiritual?

2. Where can we find real spiritual teaching?

3. What is the difference from New Age and Spirituality?

4. What law should we follow?

5, Do we need to worship and God, Goddess or Angel etc.

6. What is the Divine “I AM” presence?

7. Is there an event coming where we need saving? (Like that space ships will rescue us when the big solar flash is coming?)

8. Do we need a savior?

Here the URL to the video: Ismael Perez Discusses Galactic History Of Artificial Intelligence with Nicholas Veniamin

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Katharina is a spiritual teacher since 4 decades, traveling the world and teaching. As an "old soul" her only goal is to help human beings to see beyond the material/persona limitations. She is retired and lives in Chiang Rai Thailand where she has started to grow her own food, planted a huge orchard of fruit and other trees.

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