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High Hopes
Published 2 months ago |

Brandon cory Nagley

Aug 10, 2022 2 PLANET X-WORMWOOD SYSTEM BODIES OVER ITALY CAUGHT ON A WOMANS CAMERA/RED PLANET X SYSTEM BODY OR BODIES SEEN ON MULTIPLE EUROPEAN SKYCAMERAS/ RUSSIAN AIR BASE HIT IN CRIMEA "MILES AWAY FROM BATTLEFIELD (NOT GOOD)/ITS NOT DARK YET, BUT IT'S GETTING THERE ( MIDNIGHT HOUR APPROACHES FAST, IS CHRIST YOUR LORD?) READ ALL BELOW. Today is now 8/10/22. i am showing as always the signs in the heavens that Jesus christ (known as yeshua in Hebrew, and called by many different names) warned to be seen before his second coming. Those signs specifically from the (planet x/ nemesis/ nibiru/ Biblical wormwood of Revelation 8/ red dragon (being planet x of Revelation 12) what NASA calls the planet 9 system evidence. In todays video you'll see pictures caught by me from German sky cameras of one of the large red planet x system bodies over Germany I caught over a skycamera just hours ago from multiple public European skycams on public websites. I'm not sure if it's the same red object or 2 seperate ones seen as I caught them all yesterday hours ago on different cameras over germany, and small areas and countries near Germany where the red object or objects appeared also. .. Breaking news out of Crimea from yesterday, multiple explosions rocked a Russian military air base in Crimea which is in Ukraines southern tip. Russia said it was from an ammunition depot exploding, while Ukrainian social media users are all saying it was a long range rocket fired from Ukraine. What's odd is Putin isn't blaming anyone at least not that I know yet and Ukraine seems to wanna take responsibility. As I said before this isn't about Ukraine. This is bible prophecy playing out as Putin wants resources that he has bought into in Israel as many don't know that. And to matches bible prophecy speaking on Russia that will invade Israel breaking a false 7 year peace treaty that the antichrist will soon oversee and hasn't fully set the fake peace deal up. Donald Trump helped set it up though trump IS NOT the antichrist as I've said who is to return soon. the same one giving biden orders at the White House on a weekly basis and there will be a 7 year peace deal that will be signed with Palestine as Palestine hates trump. They are waiting on the actual antichrist to cut the real deal. And at the 3 and 1/2 year mark during the 7 years of Gods wrath on earth or Gods judgement against all those who mocked and scoffed him on earth against all all willfully reject Christ as lord.. Which the judgement has NOT started yet as Christians must be caught up and out (raptured protected from judgement as revelation 3:10 and revelation 12:5 makes clear though sadly there's many who say they know bible prophecy yet ignore the Lords words of prophecy.. Yeah... Anyway this isn't good if it carries into Crimea area which was supposed to have been taken over by Russia a few years back though the world still sees Crimea as ukranian land... And it's down near Turkey where Putin will more than likely push into due to his whole goal is Israel not just Ukrainian land... Also you'll see footage from Georgia USA glowing skies from a planet x system body passing earth caught by Roger paul. In the UK it looks like some typed of winged being or creature was caught flying in the sky fast caught by Joseph1964. As these are the end times so yes people will see alot including good angels of God and fallen ones that belong to Satans group of fallen entities.... Plus more. Newcomers, Jesus Christ is the only way to God and heaven ( John 14;6) and the only way to escape the judgement coming( REVELATION 3:10/ REVELATION 12:5/ 1 THESSALONIANS 4/ 1 CORINTHIANS 15/ john 14:3- bible references.) Pray if you have not accepted Jesus (yeshua) as Lord read BELOW my video where my pinned comments are in my comments section.

Credited videos BELOW-

Roger paul/glowing sky in Georgia USA from planet x system body passing earth-

Joseph1964- being or object flying in UK clouds/

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