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The One and Only Nation Written in the Stars - Part 1: The Creator Wrote Signs in the Stars
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Published 2 years ago |
A global dictatorship: That's what the corrupt super-wealthy globalists are bringing on mankind, powered by money, influence and technology to make it happen. Globalist traitors, betrayers, double agents, saboteurs, opportunists and cowards now riddle the governments and bureaucracies of, not only America, but of every major country in the world. Unimaginable money has been spent and is being spent to buy politicians and other players in strategic positions to act, like an army of termites, to bring down the old national order. The corruption is so wide spread, nothing can stop this from happening now. As both Messiah and Abraham Lincoln are quoted as saying: "A house divided against itself cannot stand." Truly this is a time when many are looking for hope. With patriots in mind, I am bringing out a new video series, meant to get the Lord's people to look up, to see His Plan written in the stars. The name of this new video series is: The One and Only Nation Written in the Stars.

Part One of this video series is entitled: The Creator Wrote Signs in the Sky. You will find this series to be very encouraging, since it reveals the Lord had a plan for His people for these days, before mankind ever existed! Come and take in this unique and encouraging Bible message.

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