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In Cold Blood: How the Freemasons Are Communicating Their Mass Shooting Psyops Through Kabbalah
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Published 8 months ago |
March 22nd is a very important date for the occult world of Freemasonry. Many worldwide false flags have been pulled off by the Satanic New World Order on this date. In previous years we have seen huge psyops such as the Brussels Airport and Train Station Bombing and the London Westminster Bridge terror Attack. The '322' (March 22) also represents the Yale 'Skull and Bones' Society which are legendary at pulling off gigantic hoaxes and when I woke up on March 22 the other morning I said to myself: 'what will today bring?' Later in the day around 5pm EST I had my answer. By the time I went to bed (after seeing all the information come through about the grocery store shooting in Boulder, Colorado) I knew that we had another mass shooting psyop. I had yet to see the shooter's name because the media with held it while they got their story narrative together. (It turned out to be a Muslim Gone Mad With Mental Heath issues). Now that the dust has settled what the media is NOT discussing is that the mentally challenged shooter was a Syrian born, anti-Trump, anti-LGBTQ, homegrown radicalized terrorist who killed 10 white people. We are not hearing the Chinese community or the Black Lives Matter community setting up any White Lives Matter vigils because that does not fit the narrative. What does matter is that Sleepy Joe Biden and Barack Obama (the Real President Behind the Curtains) want America's Assault rifles and they will use 'mental illness' as their weapon of choice to stop people from purchasing guns. By the way... did you not find it strange that there were no wounded victims? Everyone that he shot died. They just want you to know how dangerous that AR15 assault rifle is. The numbers behind this psyop are what will show you that the Cabal are using the art of Kabbalah to show you this was a ritual much like the Atlanta Massage Massacre was.

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