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Earth’s Climate in the 2020's (2/3)
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ADAPT 2030 | Solar Minimum
Published 2 months ago |
David DuByne presents at Alternative View May 2019 in the UK describing what a 400 Grand Solar Minimum cycle is and how it has effected societies n the past. Based on the past we can get a close in time line for changes you would expect to see if the information presented is correct. You decide for yourself. (Part 2 of 3)

•Expected Changes in the Grand Solar Minimum and Media Distractions
•Leanest years globally for food production 2024-2032
•Cancelling waves in the Sun / Double Dynamo
•Chill of the Thermosphere
•Global Electric Circuit
•Plasma Petroglyphs
•Cosmic Rays equal more global cloud cover
•Harvard Geoengineering Program (SCOPEX)
•Magnetic Polar Wander

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