Situation Update, Mar 6, 2023 - BOMBSHELL: Leaked govt. messages reveal COVID was a planned psychological terrorism campaign from the very start
51531 views • 03/06/2023

0:00 Intro

6:05 Walmart

11:41 Springfield Train Derailment

18:55 Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

45:15 The Lockdown Files

- Another train derailment in Ohio

- They're still running trains that are TOO LONG

- Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has no clue how transportation works

- Walmart closing ALL its stores in Portland due to rampant crime

- Walmart can't publicly tell the truth: The BLUE cities run by Dems are collapsing

- Walmart knows a societal collapse is coming, followed by rampant looting and arson

- RFK Jr. is thinking about running for President: Why this is a GOOD thing

- RFK Jr. may force Trump to face the truth about #vaccines and Operation Warp Speed

- Former UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock exposed through 100,000+ leaked messages

- Conspired with his govt. colleagues to "scare the pants off everyone" to achieve compliance

- Plotted the release of new variants, confirming the govt. keeps bioweapons and deploys them against the public

- Reveals how the entire covid plandemic was a Truman Show script to terrorize the public into vaccine compliance

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