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13 Foods Diabetics Should Be Eating
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Glucose, a simple sugar, is the body’s main source of energy. It is derived from the
food we eat.

Insulin, a hormone produced in the pancreas, helps glucose from the food to get
into your cells to be used for energy.
Diabetes is a condition when the body does not produce enough insulin or cannot
use the produced insulin effectively -
it leads to high levels of glucose in the blood, also known as high blood sugar.
There are three types of diabetes
Type I diabetes
Type 2 diabetes
Pregnancy-induced diabetes
Type 1 diabetes is a total, absolute absence of insulin in the body.
They have an autoimmune response in the body due to which all the beta cells
which produce insulin are lost, because of this there is absolute absence of insulin,
due to which the sugar levels shoot up
These patients are generally young, and they require insulin for their lifetime.
Type 2 diabetes generally has a family history,
A sedentary lifestyle can trigger diabetes in them
There is some loss of insulin-producing cells and there is some insulin resistance
Which leads to hypoglycemia
In these patients, you can treat with tablets and with insulin also, depending on the
It generally comes in third decade, fourth decade and fifth decades of life
Coming to pregnancy-induced diabetes, this is called gestational diabetes
Diabetes is not there before, once the patient becomes pregnant, she gets diabetes
during the pregnancy
Generally, the diabetes comes down once the pregnancy is over
But, these are the patients who are candidates to develop Type 2 diabetes, in the
Type 1 diabetes, the cause is autoimmune mechanism
The autoimmune system which is activated destroys the beta cells in the eyelets of
And there is absolute absence of insulin in type 1 diabetes.
In type 2 diabetes the causes are underactivity, lot of stress
In an individual who has a family history

Some more causes for increased sugars might be steroid-induced or Thiazides
There are some drugs known as Thiazides which if taken for a long time can cause
raised sugars.
These are known as the three Ps in diabetes
Polyuria, Polydipsia, polyphagia
Polyuria means increased urination
Polydipsia means increased thirst
And polyphagia means increased food intake
Along with this the patient might have fatigue, the inability to concentrate, and all
that - These are also some common symptoms.
Reduce stress levels,
And follow a proper lifestyle
And do regular exercise
As there is absolute absence of insulin, you have to replace insulin
There is no other option
There are still beta cells, there is insulin production
So you start with OHAs,
Which are oral hypoglycemic agents ar oral anti-diabetic drugs
If the sugars are not controlled, then you go with a combination of tablets and
If the sugars increase even more then these patients also require insulin.
What type of diet you should take is less carbs - carbs should be very less,
If you want to take carbs, take it in a complex form.
High-protien, low-fat diet.
Fiber should be as much as possible,
High-fiber can help in reducing the sugars
When it comes to exercise, try to do some form of exercise for atleast half an hour to
forty minutes, everyday.
The third part comes to the medication.
Medications help in reducing the sugars if you follow both of the above, like exercise
and diet.
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