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Kevin J Johnston PROVES The New STAY AT HOME Order is INVALID and A JOKE!
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Published 3 years ago
If you live in the province of Ontario in Canada you probably believe that there is some new law preventing you from going outdoors, preventing you from shopping indoors and preventing you from living your life the way you see fit.

Most people believe that they can't go to the bank without a mask own during this ridiculous new order that even the police say they can't enforce.

Well, I just proved that you can go anywhere you want and any store you want and not wear a mask even during another lockdown! An order is not a law and since I do not work for the province of Ontario, and nobody there to order me around. If Doug Ford wishes me to obey his commands, he can make me an employee of the province of Ontario for $750,000 per annum paid all in advance.

Take your life back now!

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