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Dont Piss Off The FARMERS!!! European Farmers Protest Climate Hoax | Compilation
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Published 11 days ago

French Farmers & Farmers Across Europe Are Now Using Their Tractors To Rip Their Produce From The Semi Trucks In Protest Don’t Piss Off Farmers 🚜 🧑‍🌾 🌾

Protests are happening across Europe to bring down criminal Government & EU Legislation designed to bankrupt Farmers under the guise of ‘saving the planet’.

Not fluent in French but will try:-

“We reject Climate Communism, Man Made Climate Change is a hoax, there is a 2030 Globalist take over seeking to own all land & resource, the elites wish for us to be eating bugs & insects, with occasional Bill Gates fake meat as a staple treat - they don’t care about the land, they are fascists trying to usher in Communism & a One World Government”

RadioGenoa French farmers continue to drop manure in front of the government prefecture building in Tours.

The A6 in France is completely blocked as the Farmers continue to lay siege in protest to the French Government Climate Communism legislation. Be honest - who had the Farmers on their 2024 bingo card as being the ones standing up to the Globalist Tyrants?

FRENCH FARMERS PLOW HIGHWAY IN ONGOING PROTESTS: Showcasing their reputation for creativity, French farmers have begun to lay tons of soil over large stretches of a highway.

Protests continued for about 3 weeks. The farmers say they are protesting tax hikes, bad E.U. agriculture policies, and rising costs of fuel and feed for their livestock.

Irish farmer protest: “I’m out here to support the French farmers because the whole farming community right across Europe are being decimated by politicians and the Green agenda — which is demonising farmers as criminals in food production.”

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