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Gubermints Gone Gaga… and… Resisting the Rainbow Reset
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The Dollar Vigilante
Published 7 days ago |

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Intro vid: Resistance - the new video from William Wallace Protest Songs

RIP Dr Rashid Buttar - A short tribute put together by @WTAFRich:

VIDEO:  @DrButtar on @LauraLynnTT just a few days ago. He said he was poisoned 200x of what was in the j a b only a few months ago:

It is not a mistake that mandatory quackccinations is on the “Liberal” Party of Canada website. This is what they are planning if re-elected: (

Dan Dicks Bilderberg clip

VIDEO: The same people who thought the moon landing was real are getting vaccinated now:

VIDEO: Miller Lite’s ad campaign straight out of early 2010s “I hate all men” feminism to sell a drink to customers they hate:

Nebraska Senator on Trannies;

bilderbergliberal partybuttar

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