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Making CDS the safe, easy way. Andreas Kalcker showing Charlotte Lackney's 2015 method. Use CDS as a disinfectant for COVID-19 coronavirus.
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Published 8 months ago |
Thanks to Andreas Kalcker for making this video showing my "24 hour double infusion method" of making 3000 ppm CDS using 4% HCL that I developed in 2015. I have been too busy to make a video of my method, so I'm glad he did it for me!

For those who would like to see my original method in written form, the original PDF file is still on my website and the file address is:

I was not able to make 3000 ppm CDS using 4% HCL no matter how much I used, while always keeping to a one-to-one mix ratio with MMS. When I changed that ratio to using more 4% HCL than MMS, I found the ppm went down!

If one has 50% citric acid or 10% HCL, 3000 ppm CDS can be made with a single infusion.

UPDATE: New testing has shown a way to make 3000 pm CDS using MMS and 4% HCL and only ONE infusion! See this file for details:'19.pdf

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