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60 Minutes on Swine Flu and Vaccinations - 1976
Published 4 years ago
Let's look at the history. 1976 - 60 Minutes Episode on the Swine Flu pandemic. It was totally fabricated and the head of the CDC is made to look like an idiot by Mike Wallace. What is communicated is that the vaccine certainly did more harm than good and ruined lives. I purchased the VHS from 60 minutes and put it on YouTube about 10 years ago. All of a sudden, I can't seem to find my YouTube upload.
Also, concerning the 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic, upon researching vaccine patents, I found that the patent for H1N1 was granted in 2008! When I relayed this fact to my public school science students, a parent threatened the principal that she would call the ACLU and have me fired. A smart doctor changed her mind. When questioning students who contracted the flu who went to the health department as to whether they had the regular or H1N1 flu, the students told me the health professionals said they quit doing the test and to officially record their flu as H1N1!
Here is a related video I posted in 2009:
Bottom line, get educated and make your own decisions. What I can say is that government, which is unlawful and left unchecked will continue to become more tyrannical. NAZI Germany happened in a so called “enlightened” country and now we have an "enlightened" globalist world. For free-will choice -

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