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Making a Daily Bottle of 30ppm Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS)
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Published 2 years ago
Making a daily bottle of CDS in about 3 to 4 hours time, for following Protocol-C (which is 10ml of 3000ppm CDS in 1 liter of water daily, or 1ml of 3000ppm CDS in 100ml of water hourly).

However, this bottle of CDS is low chlorine dioxide (CLO2) concentration, about 30ppm, NOT 3000ppm. No further water dilution is normally needed for ingestion.

You can make this CDS at room temperature or in a fridge.

Drink 100ml from the bottle, hourly. Make as many bottles of 30ppm CDS as needed for one day. This CDS could also be used in a nebulizer.

For this 700ml bottle of CDS to be made at 30ppm CLO2 concentration, the recipe should be 6 drops of MMS plus 12 drops of HCL.

The green colored EVA foam disk supporting the bottle cap reactor, shown in the photo, helps to keep the bottle cap level. If not kept level, it will take longer to make CDS, because the liquid in the bottle cap will be deeper where the bottle cap tilts down. The reactor solution must be less than 2mm deep. EVA foam is not affected by CDS.

EVA foam products can be found at fishing equipment & supplies stores and online.
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