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8 Must-Do's for an INCREDIBLE Tomato Crop!
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Alex Hammer
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Published 2 years ago
Tomatoes are one of the most popular crops to grow in a vegetable garden, and quite rightly too! As long as you have a healthy soil you can expect great harvests, however in this video I share the 8 things I do to increase my tomato yields and I really hope it helps you to enjoy an incredible tomato season this year. I feel tomatoes are much simpler to grow than often is made out to be, and every single one of these 8 tips are easy, low-cost, and highly-effective. Time to grow some awesome tomatoes.

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Introduction 0:00
Tips 1 & 2 (plus bonus) 0:24
Tip 3 6:06
Tip 4 7:07
Tip 5 8:38
Tip 6 10:26
Tip 7 11:28
Tip 8 12:49
Summary & Final Words 13:58

How to Grow Tomatoes

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