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A PATENTED BIOWEAPON is the reason the hospitals are empty
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Published 4 years ago
Dr. Rashid Buttar has additional research in this description that you MUST WATCH. This was the additional evidence I sought before publishing. I will upload this to Brighteon to ensure it's still available when Google shuts down. Unfortunately if the plug is pulled on the entire internet (which is ENTIRELY possible as I show in my coverage of the front covers of 2019 Economist Magazine. So, MAKE SURE you watch this. I did, and WILL ASAP follow the end-screens from it... the second link is the source for this current video. Please watch and share! Love from Longford to the watching world. Yahweh's blessings to you and yours. Don't fall for it!

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What we now know...
1: Fiat (Paper) Money is printed from thin air and worthless
2: Derivatives markets are rehypothicated fraud and have no value

3: Weather is weaponised and used for profiteering
4: Coronavirus is being traded though "Pandemic Bonds" and derivatives.
5: The WHO did NOT declare a "Pandemic" to enrich Pandemic Bond holders.
6: The culpible have their bunkers ready for when it all comes down.

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