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Rebalancing Assets - BCM RECCE, KelTec RDB, Trijicon ACOG, and Vortex Viper
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Published a month ago |
Decided that a better allocation of resources means moving the ACOG from my BCM RECCE to the KelTec RDB and fitting the BCM with a Vortex Viper 1-6 PST Gen 2 LPVO. And from there I digress into comparing the AR with the RDB...from the Ambidextral Gunfighter perspective.

KelTec RDB Playlist

2 Eyes 2 Sights

Bindon Aiming Concept - Easy to Learn with AmbGun Instruction

Why (and How) We Should Trial the KelTec RDB for US Army Next Generation Squad Weapon

Will You Back the Revolution

Magpul MS3 Single Point Sling on the KelTec RDB

Appleseed Prep

Project Appleseed

Trijicon TA50 & TA60

Vortex Viper 1-6 PST Gen 2

Arms Unlimited Ambi Mag Release


KelTec RDB

0:00 ACOG
0:59 Vortex
1:58 Rebalance
3:30 Long Range
5:31 Known Distance
6:26 Unconscious Ambi
6:59 Perfect Mirror
7:40 KelTec RDB
8:33 MagPul Sling
9:41 vs AR15
10:04 Tight Cover
10:54 AR LH Mag Chg
11:20 RDB LH Mag Chg
12:29 Gunfight Rifle
12:55 Mad Max Rifle
14:51 Zeroing
16:00 Reset Turrets
16:36 Weapon Lights
20:09 Vortex Mount
22:49 ACOG Nuts
23:17 How B Ambi
23:52 Paintball
24:50 MDR
25:06 Diving
26:15 NGSW
26:58 Anticipate Opfor
28:55 Bonus

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