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Gov't Money Will Soon Be Worthless. You Can Go on the Gold Standard NOW!
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Karen Selick
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Published a year ago

Kinesis Money offers the possibility of using gold and silver NOW to conduct business in digital form. It’s like getting on the gold standard without waiting for any government to make it happen. Please use my referral link ( ) to check this out and open your own account.

Here’s a link to the Mises Institute where you can get a free PDF copy of Rothbard’s book “What Has Government Done to Our Money”.

In the video, I was uncertain about the fees charged by Kinesis. Here's a link to the fees page so you can look them up:

Also, if you're trying to figure out how to get your money from Canada or the US into your Kinesis account, you can try using the Wise software. Here's my referral link to sign up for Wise:

(This video was first 

UPDATE - APRIL 15, 2022: Wow, I'm now up to 32 people who have followed the referral link. Thanks very much, folks. Kinesis has introduced a new incentive for April that wasn't in existence when I made this video. If you open an account through my link, we will each receive a gift of 1/2 oz of silver (currently worth about US$13). I'm not sure how long this promotion will be available for, so please act now if you've been hesitating.

UPDATE - SEPTEMBER 25, 2022: I've now had 185 people sign up as Kinesis referees. Thank you, all. I'll be updating this video soon, because I've just recently received a notice that I can apply for my Kinesis Debit Card. I've applied and will let you know more in a later video.

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