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EATING AMAZON MRE Outdoors Asmr Video - MYSTORY Nr43
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Published 6 months ago |
EATING AMAZON MRE Outdoors Asmr Video - MYSTORY Nr43
Military Ration But Civilian Amazon Mre Asmr Eating

Bugout outdoor survival prepping military food video.
Outdoor survival food Mre ASMR eating video.
Amazing Mre outdoor unboxing and cooking.
Apocalypse prepping larp food.
#survival, #amazon, #youtuber, #entertainment,
#larp, #codmwwarzone, #healthyfood,
#mrefood, #shtf,

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The Main Content Section Of This Post


Hello World, Hello Viewers!
This new epic post covers my first try to cook and partially consume a real civilian military ration from Amazon which is probably not a military ration because it is civilian.
If you want to see me eating the main course you can watch my previous first Mre video or post.
Enjoy and give me feedback and stuff or don’t.


I decided to separate the video into multiple parts with some bonus footage in the end and some ASMR audio too but the primary content is the unboxing and cooking of the Mre and a short bonus scene in which I show very special powder food.
I filmed the video of course outdoors because have access to a so called garden.
A garden is that place with these green plants and stuff.
I wanted to clarify this for the gamers who read this.


I also decided to write these lines with the intention of making these timestamps somewhat useful but then I realized that most of my newest video consists of one longer video of me failing at Mre eating so this does probably not make sense.
The bread, tea and coffee were very nice to eat.


I realised that what is probably the art of bugout and prepping was what I experienced here.
I must say that I like to make videos about eating.
Probably because I need food to survive.
I feel like I need food to survive somehow.
I don’t know why.


In case of SHTF, BFG, WOROL, CIASAS or UAV situations it might be good to have a little dictionary to communicate with other surviving preppers because they have many complex short forms of words that I still have to understand.
Feel free to recommend me stuff to do in the future.
Not in the past because I don’t have a time machine yet.


I also decided to add some different but fitting content in the end of the video content of this post with Cod Mw Warzone reloading animations.
I also added some ASMR sounds in the background to make this more intense for ASMR people.
Feel free to drop many comments and follow me one all of my many pages.
There are really many of them.
Have a great day and stay tuned for my next posts if you can.
If you have watched my last video or post you know that this is the first post in the next phase of my project here so give me feedback if you can and want.
Follow me building this project and telling my story and see me achieving incredible things like unboxing food while slav-squatting in my garden.
I don’t know if I love you but I am for sure very happy if someone reads this so thank you!
I appreciate you my readers.
Don’t get squished by an asteroid or Super Mario, accidentally mistaking you for a turtle, and have a great day.
Yours Sincerely,

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