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Turn 4 stroke gasoline engine into water powered engine
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Ghost of Ruth Drown
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Today we are going to teach you how to convert a gasoline engine to run on water, that is, an engine with water as fuel. The hydrogen engine that runs on water is a chimera that has been said to be impossible for decades, but we have access to confidential and secret information, and we have discovered the compound HH+, which, if used as an electrolyte, can produce a large amount of hydrogen . This will be enough to run any motor


00:00 Introduction

00:18 Preparing the pieces to cut them

00:30 Cutting the 304L stainless steel parts

00:53 Drilling the pieces (One 6mm and one 11mm hole in each piece)

01:18 Preparation of the Hydrolysis tank

01:45 Cutting the M6 ​​threaded rods

02:00 Assembly of the Hydrolysis reactor

04:28 Preparation of the Hydrogen safety container

05:38 Manufacture of the support for the Hydrolysis equipment

06:15 Electrical connections

06:54 We remove the fuel tank and set up our Hydrolysis equipment

07:49 Preparation of the air filter

08:03 Filling the HH+ secret water and electrolyte reservoirs

08:41 Test inside the workshop

09:31 Carburetor adjustment



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