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Tom Renz | When Do You Trust a Liar?
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Thomas Renz
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Published 3 months ago

I did the Dr. Drew Show with Dr. Drew and Dr. Kelly Victory yesterday. It was a great show and we laid out a bunch of data related to covid. What we talked about most was that I wanted to show Dr. Drew that the government lied. If I can show you that they lied, I have to ask the question, why should you trust them now? When do you trust a liar? Please watch the interview here and help me share it: Dr. Drew’s audience is mainstream and we really want to be sure that this gets to the mainstream. Repeating this information in a way that the mainstream could see is crucial. One thing I want to focus on here is the covid lockdowns. It looks like we are being threatened with lockdowns again. Why wouldn’t Biden do that? He needs to steal 2024 to have any chance of winning. He’s got zero chance unless they repeat the same type of corruption they did in 2020. Let me tell you where I stand on lockdowns, not just no but HELL NO. I keep masks on my desk to serve as a reminder of what we went through. Hell will freeze over before I put a mask on ever again. I didn’t lockdown the first time, and I certainly won’t ever in the future. When they told me I had to be locked in my house I immediately went out to my V8 truck, turned it on, rolled down the windows and went for a drive. I used up as much gas as I possibly could and it made me happy because I was doing two things; I was giving the double barrelled salute to the jerks that thought they were going to lock me in my house without due process and I was contributing to global warming (which doesn’t exist). It’s not happening folks. The only time I wore a mask was for flying and due to my work I didn’t have a lot of options, but if they do that again I am not flying. I will drive or not travel, I don’t care, I will never wear a mask again. They didn’t work before and they don’t work now. People saying that their doctors are telling them to mask, listen, if your doctor is that stupid you need to find a new doctor. For a doctor to be promoting masks is in my mind malpractice. If your store tells me I have to wear a mask I’m not going to your store, it’s that simple. I have put my money where my mouth is and I’ve fought this for three plus years, nonstop, around the clock, and I’ve lost my financial butt on this fight, and with that said if your job makes you do it quit. Better to quit than to get vaccinated. Everything about this is nonsense.


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