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30 Years ago Dr Robert Willner Accused Anthony Faucci Of Genocide!!!
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Willner described himself as originally an "orthodox" physician who slowly transitioned to alternative medicine, particularly following his wife's 1978 struggle with cancer chemotherapy.[1] In 1995, Willner asserted that "I am convinced you can prevent all disease with diet, lifestyle changes, sanitation."
Willner's Florida medical license was suspended in 1990 following a Florida Board of Medicine ruling that Willner had made inappropriate medical claims for food products.
Willner authored a book presenting his point of view on the relation between HIV and AIDS, titled Deadly Deception: the Proof That Sex And HIV Absolutely Do Not Cause AIDS.[2] The book was published shortly after Willner's medical license was revoked for, among other things, treating an AIDS patient with ozone therapy.
The following month, on October 28, 1994, in a press conference at a Greensboro, North Carolina hotel, Willner jabbed his finger with blood he said was from an HIV-infected patient. Willner was heavily influenced by the research of AIDS denialist Peter Duesberg.
Willner died on April 15, 1995, of a heart attack.
- Wikipedia

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