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Trump On CNN Fraud: 'Zucker May Resign' As Veritas Slams CNN In Expose Part 2 - 1653-6P
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James O’Keefe, the self-described “guerrilla journalist” and head of Project Veritas, has dropped his second batch of videos. The videos feature former CNN satellite uplink technician Cary Poarch, who secretly recorded CNN employees discussing the network’s political coverage. Said Poarch: “It’s very obvious. It’s an unwritten rule that if you are center, center right, or heaven forbid, full-right Republican Trump supporter, then you are not welcome at CNN.”

GUEST: The R_Rated Conservative : RRC was born and raised in Providence Rhode Island and now lives just a few hours South of Boston Massachusetts - 6 months ago he made a decision to challenge social media platforms that had begun to censor the way every day Americans talk about politics - Sick of men in suits that stifle the truth with political correctness, RRC decided to establish his own brand of speech and developed a social media podcast in a language everyone understands - If his Son decides to become a YouTuber someday - It is RRC’s hope he as a Father did his part in paving the way for him to speak the way he wants to in The United States Of America -

E-Militia Article: Trump On CNN Fraud: ‘Zucker May Resign’ As Veritas Slams CNN In Expose Part 2
B4IN ARTICLE: Trump On CNN Fraud: 'Zucker May Resign' As Veritas Slams CNN In Expose Part 2 | Alternative

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