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Dr. Kaufman EXPOSES The CURRENT HIV/AIDS Covid Connection AGENDA - Vaccine Deaths & Terrain Theory! - 72777
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Published 2 years ago
Josh Sigurdson from WAM talks with Dr. Andrew Kaufman:
-the current HIV & AIDS propaganda being pumped into the media following a massively dangerous vaccine campaign.
- The NWO Depopulation is working
Millions are facing death. Millions are dealing with life long auto-immune disorders as the population growth tumbles and miscarriages skyrocket nearly 400%.

Speaking with Dr. Andrew Kaufman in Acapulco, Mexico about his new film Terrain and the latest propaganda being pushed into the public at the perfect time. AIDS and HIV can be considered the first major step made towards creating the state of panic and fear surrounding covid today.
Both have seen no isolation. Both of them have birthed medications that actually make the problem worse and then can be blamed on so-called "deniers." Now they are both happening simultaneously as the governments of the world work hard to depopulate the world. This is only the beginning!

EXTINCTION Dr. Kaufman EXPOSES The HIVAIDS AGENDA! - Vaccine Deaths & Terrain Theory!

Dr Andrew Kaufman


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