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Let Freedom Ring! Mass State Assembly Podcast 10-Freedom from the Matrix, Grounding Part Two
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Published 2 years ago

Educative presentation and discussion, Part Two, from Kenzie Rhoades with Ronald Carriveau of the Massachusetts State Assembly describing the current state of affairs in the USA today where Americans have been unlawfully named "enemies of the state" and "combatants" while living honorable peaceful lives, and forced to live in fear of the many agencies of the government. Kenzie also highlights the recent bulletins and notices of the FBI on Domestic Terrorism where "sovereign citizens" are considered terrorists and police are encouraged to see all pursuing sovereignty as terrorists--and in particular to apply the weird and misleading label of "sovereign citizens" to all pursuing routes to freedom, including American state nationals, who, Kenzie explains are accurately to be named nationals and citizens of their own separate states, each of which is a Constitutional Republic.

"Law Enforcement" therefore are either being misled or are applying a false-narrative policy -- so it becomes important to fully innerstand the notions of jurisdiction, government, law, statutes, law enforcement. At base of the misunderstanding is the true history, subverted. America is literally being occupied by British and Roman powers, ever since 1860 when the conversion to corporations began. The true and original American government is what Anna von Reitz has been working to bring back -- and it is an enterprise which returns people De Jure to the land and soil jurisdiction in recognition of their status as living men and living women; our current state governments are all De Facto corporations seeing people as "persons" or corporations, subject to their millions of statutes through fraud and deceit. (Nobody is a corporation--but they transform you using your birth certificate registration into one.)

Concepts to read and re-read until we understand them inside out--for it is hard to believe that there are people actively working to deceive us all, using a historic fraud to continue running a mercenary operation on us, enforced mercilessly with freedom-removing statutes about every aspect of life, and using our police officers--who are Their policy-enforcers really--to go around intimidating us endlessly with threat of force, kidnapping us, jailing us, fining us, and detaining us for no cause. And, I might add, using and permitting US military to use deadly emf tech/neurotech/nanotech on us.

Learning you have a remedy as an American and taking the actions to reclaim your political status as a birthright free American -- or free Australian, Englisher, European, Asian etc -- becomes vital to do.

Please read Anna von Reitz's many articles for more information, and follow the steps in Chart Your Course/Correct Your Status at the American State Nationals website to reclaim your birthright freedoms. There is a paperwork mechanism involved--to reclaim your name, to reclaim all forms of your name, to take back your power of attorney, to declare your status as a state national, to revoke your assumed election to pay taxes, to notify the De Facto people of your changed status, etc, which has been drawn up with a group of attorneys and judges working with Anna which each of us needs to do to lawfully establish our freedoms--Kenzie explains this process in summary as well in her presentation.

Please see the previous Podcasts in this series for more information.


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