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Terrain - The Film (Part 1 & 2 'Passing the Torch') [15.02.2022]
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Kim Osbøl - Copenhagen Denmark
Published 4 months ago |
Contents + Timeline:
00:00:00 Commercials/Advertisement
00:32:00 Terrain - The Film 'Part 1'
01:32:00 So Who is Dr. Stefan Lanka PH.D? + Commercials
01:40:00 Introduction + Roundtable Discussion with Cast Members + Commercials
02:47:00 Introduction to Part 2 by David Icke
03:02:00 Terrain - The Film Part 2: 'Passing the Torch' + Commercials
04:15:00 Live Q & A with Marcelina Cravat and Andrew Kaufman, M.D

The End of Germ Theory...
A Film Produces by Marcelina Cravat and Andrew Kaufman, M.D. - The Most Important Question You Never Thought To Ask...
TERRAIN exposes the tyrannical world pandemic hoax, built upon the flawed model of illness and disease known as Germ Theory. This Two-part documentary explores Terrain Theory, a model for health that works in symbiosis with nature to promote wellness and healing free of a corrupt and flawed medical paradigm. TERRAIN motivates and inspires viewers to understand the power and responsibility of consent.

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