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Published 6 months ago |
Do you really think it's possible that we are moving in FOUR SIMULTANIOUS CURVED LINEAR PATHS at FOUR varying speeds, AT THE SAME TIME, as "they" claim we are? AND NOT FEEL IT or even MEASURE it? Really!?!?

It would be like spinning in a chair which is inside a corkscrew roller coaster which is inside 2 other corkscrew roller coasters - because that's what "they" CLAIM is literally happening to earth. We've been hoodwinked my friends. Let me explain in more detail:
All the math included below.

Let's state the FACTS and do the repeatable math shall we:
According to 'glober' CLAIMS; At the equator:
- The directions of gravity and the alleged centrifugal force would be opposite.
- So the alleged centrifugal force would only have a vertical component and would be canceled out by the gravity force acting vertically down.
- The CLAIMED Centrifugal force that SHOULD be generated and measured from the CLAIMED earth 'spin' of 1037.5 mph, SHOULD produce an acceleration of 0.0339141 m/s^2

- The effect should be simply a slight but MEASURABLE reduction in the 'gravity' acceleration from 9.81 m/s^2 to 9.77 m/s^2.

- Which should cause a MEASURABLE weight reduction at the equator of 0.35%.

At 45 degrees Latitude NORTH:
- Gravity is allegedly acting towards the center of the mass of the alleged ball earth.

- Centrifugal force would be acting perpendicular to the claimed AXIS of rotation.

- These directions are NOT opposite.

- The direction of the alleged centrifugal acceleration SHOULD be at 45 degrees towards the south.

- And SHOULD cause a reduction in weight of 0.172929 %.

- And more importantly should measure an acceleration of 0.016957 m/s^2 in the direction SOUTH.

Now, for a projectile in free fall, (say in a vacuum). 100 meters ( fall time 4.51 seconds )
That SHOULD cause a deflection of :

d = .5 * acceleration * time ^ 2
d = 0.5 * 0.016957 * 4.51^2
d = 0.172454 meters
d = 17.2454 cm

BUT, there is ZERO measurable ESPECTED deviation when tested. Oops!

Check the math:

Gravitational acceleration (m/s^2) = -9.80576
Latitude (degrees) = 45
Velocity (mph) = 735.64
Centrifugal acceleration (m/s^2) = 0.0239809
Gravity Direction Vector = (0.707107, 0.707107)
Centrifugal Direction Vector = (1, 0)
Combined acceleration = (-6.90974,-6.93372)
Combined acceleration (relative to ground) = (0.016957,-9.7888)
Weight reduction (%) compared to North pole = 0.172929
Projectile drop (time=4.51 seconds) Deflection south (cm) = 17.2454

Digital Inclinometers based on MEMS accelerometer technology.
- See reference (1)
- Accurate to 0.0001 degrees (
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