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Episode 166 - The Truth About Tyranny
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Published 3 years ago
Unlike the previous episode, If I Were the Devil, this episode is less about how to destroy America and more about how the totalitarians and tyrants get away with their destructive policies.

We examine "the fear factor", the safety of the mob, and the mindset of these control freaks; in particular, how they view those of us who love freedom and liberty.

Just between you and me: the dirty little secret is, all of these totalitarian politicians are cowards who stumbled into a gold mine of power and control. They are unwilling to breach their contract with the devil which keeps them in their position of power. The sad part is they are supported by an army of ill-informed, weak-kneed sheep. Granted, most of the sheep are victims of, what amounts to, psychological warfare in the form of propaganda, lies and manipulation by their chosen news outlets, however, others are perfectly willing to go along for their own sadistic reasons.

I rely heavily on Brandon Smith's article entitled, Why Do Some People Support Tyranny While Others Defy It?
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