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Jaco Booyens Reveals just how Complicit 'Mark Zuckerberg' & fellow Instagram Employees 'are' - 'Instagram Groomers' & then Drops Red Pills about 'Moloch & their Cult'
Published 3 months ago

Jaco Booyens reveals just how complicit Mark Zuckerberg and fellow Instagram employees are knowing what we now know about Instagram groomers and then drops red pills about Moloch and their cult.

"I've launched a social media company. You have absolute control. There is still human eyes that yay or nay it. There is an army inside Meta that is complicit. That sees child p*** everyday. They can take it down in an instant. Zuckerberg is involved 100%...Where is the internal staff strike that says enough?

You get access to the dark world through the blood of a child. Go to Caesarea of Philippi where Jesus stood and said here where they sacrifice children these gates of hell will not prevail. Those folks are doing that in our lifetime on social media."

Cynthia said, "I'm uploading the full video here next if you want to hear all the rest".



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