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Truth or Consequences
Published 3 months ago |

This video is a full and complete explanation for Authenticating your Birth Certificate on a State and Federal level... This will take you out of the jurisdiction of the Corporation of the UNITED STATES INC.... You will NO LONGER be an EMPLOYEE OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.
Source: Richie Anything:
La'Mu Amexem Foundation

If you are not aware that you are considered a Federal Employee, you have homework to do.

Keep in mind this is the filing of a piece of paper. There is more to being free from the system. Filing a document is not a silver bullet. Always be learning. Study. Seek out. Something that works for someone else may not work for you or vice versa. Being free from the system is a constant challenge. Never stop fighting them if you want to be free.

A rant from Jim C:
Do you know who you are? Learn your rights and how to defend them or you will have none. This is not information that everyone can comprehend. It is real. If you come in spouting stupid things that will discourage or impede others I will block you. If you have a valid point that is 180 degrees opposite of this video, I suggest you state it and prepare to back it up with something besides Wikipedia or a government website. Simply coming in saying it is fake, stupid, does not work etc. can get you blocked. This is all the warning you will receive. I will not carry on ignorant or stupid discussions. I have no more patience with those who have not walked in my shoes or done what I have done telling me it is not possible, does not work, is false or anything else. Period.

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