British Cops Totally Worthless
97 views • 8 months ago

I've been fascinated by British cops, and that Brits sub to them, for a long time. They seem to do everything wrong, possess zero weapons, act alone, and don't even pretend like they have cajones. At least pretend like you have cajones! LOL. British cops are so weaksauce. If one is certainly going to be in dangerous altercations, learn hand-to-hand combat! How DON'T they train cops with self-defense skills?!? Do they even lift weights or exercise!?!?
"Olroight, mate, ya wanna be a cop do yeh. Well here's a uniform and a shoiny badge and some shoes that are hard to run in... Use the radio if something happens while you're over there by yourself. Go on, then!"
Yeah I'm being a cheeky barsted, but maybe what they need is a "Cop Swap" send a plane-full of seasoned weaksauce flabby stand-arounders to USA, we'll send a plane-full of American street cops, and maybe they'll start to figure it out.
Honestly the #Solution is a self-policing society, and we're getting to that. The question is, how much damage does humanity want to take before realization?

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