Leila Centner of Centner Academy saves kids from mask torture
14544 views • 06/04/2021
Leila Centner of Centner Academy saves kids from mask torture

Interviewed by Mike Adams, Centner Academy co-founder Leila Centner talked about how their school in Florida let the children experience a normal life. She said they didn’t implement the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s 200-page guideline because it simply didn’t make sense. Centner noted that children have a 99.99% chance of survival against the coronavirus and that they’re experiencing emotional issues with all the restrictions, as well as physical issues with wearing masks.

Centner said there are still private schools in Florida where parents are paying $35,000 a month to have their kids socially distanced all day and wear masks eight hours a day. She mentioned a nearby school where the kids are prohibited from talking during lunch while sitting six feet apart behind plexiglass.

She also talked about the effects of all the restrictions on children’s mental health. Centner related that she created a PowerPoint presentation to equip and empower parents to fight back. Included in her presentation is a video of a psychiatrist talking about the psychological damage inflicted to children by coronavirus restrictions, as well as the increased cases of suicide and anxiety among children and the increased need to medicate children.

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