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Andy's Thoughts - Video 5
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Andy's Thoughts
Published 8 months ago |
Three main topics in this video the recent Supreme Court (SCOTUS) concerning President Trump's Twitter Account. What is up with Woke companies? Let's talk about the constitution.

I am trying to improve my videos with some technical effects. Let me know if you like them in the comments below.

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Link to the Alex Jones Video that General Flynn mentioned:;h=AT2IjiDChJ1-99YzfcTCNVCjU9QOVvAprqpFVpnc67ibVSCUjh9ZeP6c4JBp1vWPMeYTc65uuzhULA5aSaqgu1m3nzk8BSpxSEpvlSvj9xjE4u8IzSkvUjWDkE8a7wA6fg&__tn__=R]-R&c[0]=AT1avz0pMjOWYd8o8qrartQ5uFkc_gBlM9sNbp3IFcEG4lp6Auw1utV3bIpXnT9uAOLqwjBTmB6G-xBfkOirjGeg8Gdkv0t4GnyNovzFiGUbTGvpYWhCg2LeCKqKvIVd_EUGBmp0hGwnqSkMkolzZKM-BxP5VS3aZlpwTn7xtsZjwipn9cXIeUZx6MEr98-Nw9uFcaQxqOv38OSx8csjHcxap-o

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