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Bill Trikos - Ella Henderson - Glow
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Bill Trikos
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Published a year ago

Bill Trikos - Ella Henderson - Glow

Come, tell me, what’s the bliss of knowledge,

The Soul’s greatness lies wherein?

Is it not in the premonition, that

All that matters is—as yet,—to be?..

Finality, Infinity — before me,

Careening, will blue–streak, as one

Eternity its secret will disclose,

Those fetters’ burden will be gone.

The Soul, open to Knowledge,

Beauty Supreme will consummate

My daring Dream, your final message

I will begin to understand...

In plain defiance of understanding

Beckons to us the fleeting Truth—

A flash, a glimpse—just for the taking?

The flash, the glimpse—a crafty ruse?...

My flimsy scull upon the Sea of Knowledge

I sent adrift, contesting elements,

The truths, revealed to me, were worth the passage–

wisdom supreme ignites the Universe...

En route I came across superior reason,

Initiated into mysteries arcane,

I proved my mettle on the trek, that wasn’t easy –

Now let me show my Quest for Truth was not in vain…

Nicolai Levashov

This site contains Knowledge, a unique Knowledge that until now was not available for those who wish. This Knowledge is about numerous mysteries of Life, a structure of the Universe, Spirit, Mind and many other things... All books, publications and pictures presented on this site, reveal Knowledge about principles of the origin of the Universe itself and Life in it, laws of rise of thinking and consciousness and many other things...

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